November Blog

Nov 4, 2009, 6:09 AM |

Hi all,

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Just an update on what is going in respect of my games.

Currently I completed 57 games (with 0 timeouts Cool).  As I recently started my games at, my rating has to stabilize and it is currently at about 1470.  I also tried Chess960 here on but has to still understand the strategies.  I will try it more aggressively once I get my rating in standard chess stabilized.

I started one tourney with two days time control and 1 move/day game speed.  If you have not signed up.. please consider signing up ( and enjoy the fabulous games.  Upon its success, I will add more and more tourneys.

 Here is the game I enjoyed (though I lost it Undecided).  Has to learn more from defeats. 

If anyone wants to play a game with me.. I am always available.. Just send a challenge.

Have fun in playing chess at