Happy Birthday Eric Hansen

Happy Birthday Eric Hansen


There are six Grandmasters who were born on This Day in Chess History, and they are listed as follows from oldest to youngest:

  1. Igor Shvyrjov of Estonia, born 1955, GM 2005.
  2. Krum Georiev of Bulgaria, born 1958, GM 1988.
  3. Julian Radulski of Bulgaria, born 1972 GM 2004, Died 2/14/2013.
  4. Peter Heine Nelson of Denmark, born 1973 GM 1994.
  5. Frank De La Paz Perdomo of Cuba, born 1975, GM 2004
  6. Eric Hansen of Canada, born 1992, GM 2013.

When I first saw Eric Hansen on YouTube several years ago, I thought he was that kid from "Good Luck Charlie." but that turned out to be Bradley Steven Perry. Can you say doppelganger? Eric Hansen was born on this day, May 24th, 1992, in Irvine, California, United States, but grew up in CalgaryAlberta, Canada.

He began playing chess in grade school at the age of nine. By the age of 15, in 2008, Hansen became the youngest ever Alberta champion and earned the title FIDE Master. He repeated as Alberta champion in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

Hansen defeats Noritsyn in the 6th Round of the Canadian Championship

In May of 2011, Hansen tied for first place in the Canadian Closed Championship in Guelph, Ontario with a score of 7½/9 points. He won the Canadian Open Chess Championship, held in Victoria, British Columbia, in July 2012. At the Isthmia Open tournament at Vrachati Korinthias, Greece, in August 2012, Hansen scored his first norm for the title Grandmaster, with a tie for 1st.

He achieved the final norm required for the GM title in the 40th Chess Olympiad, held in Istanbul, Turkey, in August–September 2012, where he made his debut in the Canadian national team. Hansen tied for 1st at the American Continental Championship 2012, held in October in Mar del Plata, Argentina. In December, he won the 2nd Panama Open, scoring 8½/9. In early 2013, Hansen tied for first place at the Cappelle-la-Grande Open in France. In July he shared first place in the Canadian Open in Ottawa with Nigel Short, with both scoring unbeaten 7½/9. In the 2015 Canadian Zonal Championship, Hansen shared first place.

Only their mothers can tell them apart

Probably his greatest claim to fame comes not from his striking resemblance of that kid from "Good Luck Charlie" (Only their mothers can tell them apart); but rather as one of the principal hosts of the extremely popular (with 113,000 followers) "Chessbrahs" streaming channel on Twitch and YouTube. Chessbrahs is also the name of the Pro Chess League team to which he belongs on chess.com.