Happy Birthday Jonathan Levitt

Happy Birthday Jonathan Levitt


Six Grandmasters were born "Today in Chess History:"

  1. Jonathan Levitt of England, born 1963, GM 1994.
  2. Alexandre Sulypa of the Ukraine, born 1972, GM 2000.
  3. Alik Gershon of Israel, born 1980, GM 2000.
  4. Deepan Chakkravarthy of India, born 1987, GM 2006.
  5. Nils Grandelius of Sweden, born 1993, GM 2010.
  6. Pablo Salinas Herrera of Chile, born 1994, GM 2019.
At Magdalen College, Oxford, ENG

I was not able to find much on the internet about Jonathan Paul Levitt, who was born on this day, June 3rd, 1963 in Southwark (London) England. He studied Mathematics at Magdalen College in Oxford from 1982-1985. He became an International Master in 1984 and a Grandmaster in 1994. I couldn't find much in regards to his tournament results, except that he won the 2005 Howard Staunton Memorial Tournament, held at Simpsons-in-the-Strand, London, England, 19-30 August, 2005. He has been a chess columnist for "Oxford Today" and has written several chess books. He taught Chess at the City of London School from 1988 to 2005. He has acted as a judge of endgame studies and has composed several prize-winning problems. He also organized the inaugural 1996 and 1997 Batsford Schools Chess Problem Solving Championship.

You can find Jon Levitt's Chess Pages at http://www.jlevitt.dircon.co.uk/index.htm