My Opponent gets in SanDEEP Trouble and Brings Me to a New Peak.

My Opponent gets in SanDEEP Trouble and Brings Me to a New Peak.

Dec 19, 2017, 11:20 PM |

Pictured above standing (left to right): Julia Sevilla, Danny Soong, Derek Jin, Sandeep Sethuraman, Vyom Vidyarthi, Robert Shlyakhtenko, Alan Song, Alex Costello, Gabriel Eidelman, Joaquin Perkins, Leonard Vu, Cindy Zhang;
Sitting: Aren Emrikian, Kevin Pan, Marvin Gao, Rui Yang Yan, Eric Li

Sandeep Sethuraman is the 6th grade chess expert that I faced this past Thursday Night. He is a former student of ours and, having moved on to a bigger and better Coach, IM Joel Banawa, he has surpassed the 2100 rating threshold. 

I thought I would post our game as I was fortunate enough to find a nifty tactic and win against the young genius, thus bringing my own rating to a new life-time peak of 1895. 

Here is the critical position in puzzle format: Notice the piece relationships and look for Active Moves to find the nifty tactic that wins material for White.
 With an overworked g-man Black loses a Pawn and a Tempo!
Here is the game in its entirety (Well at least until I ran too low on time to record): 
At this point I was running short on time, so I stopped recording, but it is just a matter of moving the pawns up the board now.
1895! May be I can break 1900. I sure hope so.