Ratings on the Rise

Ratings on the Rise

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I have been teaching chess to beginners and intermediate players since 1984. I am happy to report that the progress of my students is always consistent with the work and effort they put into it. The following ratings graphs are selected from some of the students I have had over the last couple of years.

#10) Bruce_Hedman has been my student on and off since December 2020. His rating has increased 133 points since that time.

#9) countdigi started taking lessons at the end of January of this year. His rating has improved by 153 points.

#8) chefwaz began lessons in the middle of January this year. He has improved by 195 rating points.

#7) shark101194 has been working hard since November of last year and has added 212 points to his rating.

#6) Rook_Handler caught up with me in September of last year. Since that time, not only has he gained 260 rating points on; but his USCF rating has gone up 130 points. He has taken first place in his section for the two most recent OTB Tournaments in which he has played.

#5) CT43 secured my services in the middle of January this year. He has already jumped 324 rating points.

#4) KMKEEN joined the party in November 2020. he has seen an increase of 399 rating points.

#3) theBehemoth is one of my fastest improving students ever. After only five months of lessons, he rating has skyrocketed 612 points!

#2) margmitch9 started lessons in April of 2020, and stopped to have a baby. Her rating improved 532 points under my tutelage; and has even gone up another 53 points since she had to discontinue lessons (By the way; she left an opening in my schedule if anyone is interested).

#1) LordZ0n has been faithfully working on his chess with me since January of 2020. He has nearly doubled his rating with an increase of 913 points!