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Reaching My Peak at Age 52!

Reaching My Peak at Age 52!

Feb 21, 2017, 1:18 PM 1
I managed to win the Tournament at my local Chess Club last month with all wins. Three of those wins were against higher rated players! It was my first ever Category 1 Norm, and as a result I have reached my highest rating ever at 1850! Here are the upsets in the order that they were played: 
I was paired with a much lower rated player in round 1; but here in round 2 I was facing the highest rated player (2016) in the tournament. I was elated to have won this game.
Having defeated the top player in the tournament, there was nothing to lose from there, even if I lost the remaining games. The following week, however, yielded another victory.
This final upset came in the final round. I and my opponent both had the same score. Whoever wins the game wins the tournament and the $225 cash prize. I was elated to find a beautiful tactic.
It was the tournament of my life, and when it was over I wept with joy.


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