Chess Etiquette

Chess Etiquette


Chess Etiquette


Internet Research By: "KingsEnemy"

There are some official and unofficial rules of etiquette in the game of chess. The general theme of chess etiquette is to be a good sport and to be respectful. Some of the more common official rules of etiquette are as follows:

• Every game must begin and end with the players shaking hands.

• Between the two handshakes, no talking is permitted. "Check" need not be said. Players are responsible for noticing where all of the pieces on the board are located, and what threats are pending.

• Never do anything to distract any other player in the tournament, especially your opponent.

• Always use the "touch move" rule.

• If an illegal move is made, the tournament director should be summoned. In a tournament using a "Sudden Death" time control, the other player receives an extra two minutes when one player makes an illegal move.

• Never gloat over a victory, or become despondent or hostile following a defeat. It is always best to analyze the game with your opponent, after the game ends, and in a different room from where you played. Leave the playing room quietly when you finish so as not to distract the other people who are still playing.

• Never comment on a game that is in progress, whether the game is yours or one that you are just watching.

• The tournament director has the authority to punish breaches of etiquette, and may add or subtract time as a sanction. In extreme cases, players may be forfeited for violating the rules and spectators may be banned from the site.

These rules of etiquette generally apply to tournaments, but it is always a good idea to follow these. Being a good sport in chess and having fun generally makes for a better chess player.