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Chess Simplicity

Chess Simplicity

Jul 4, 2010, 6:17 PM 0

Chess Simplicity

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Sometimes when playing chess we are looking for the complex gambits or trying to memorize openings. While chess is a very complex game that requires many complex strategies and tactics it is easy to overlook some of the more simple principles of the game of chess. Staying focused on the basic principles of chess is much more important than being able to rattle off the sequence of your preferred openings. Sticking with basic principles will simply help you to win games when your opponent's may be trying too hard to carry out some ultra complex tactic that rarely works.

One of the basic principles in chess is that when your opponent gives up control over a square you should move into that square. There are only so many squares on the board that you can safely move pieces into. As the game progresses these available squares become much harder and harder to find. Therefore, if your opponent is surrendering one of these precious squares, you should move into it. By moving into this free, or unguarded square, you will be able to mount an attack much more easily. The main thing to watch for when doing this is to make try and determine if your opponent is trying to set a trap for you.

Generally, even if your opponent is trying to set a trap for you, it will be apparent. Most of the time though moving into that unguarded square will work to your advantage. With only sixty-four squares on the board, moving into that free and open spot is helpful. Again, try not to get too focused on the complexities of strategies while forgetting the most basic principles in the game. Successful chess players always stay in touch with the simple and basic principles.

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