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Exploit Weaknesses

Exploit Weaknesses

Jul 3, 2010, 7:10 AM 1

Exploit Weaknesses

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Note: My chess blogs are posted throughout my profile.  I haven't aquired a lot of those skill levels.  My point of posting these blogs is to share information with others as well as myself! Thanks for reading this post and checkout the other blogs listed here!


Chess requires that we look for weaknesses in our opponent's positions while keeping ourselves out of weak positions. As always, the game remains a balance of attacking and defending. A weakness is simply a flaw in a position that we can exploit. These weaknesses can be anything from an open line to poor piece placement to overworked pieces. Depending on what stage we are at in the game we will see different weaknesses in our opponent.

Balancing these weaknesses or playing one weakness against another is the heart of chess. This means that you may want to sacrifice game tempo to create a weakness on your opponents castled king or that you may want to attack your opponents king and trade pieces in order to gain an advantage for the end game. It is said that at least two weaknesses are required to win a chess game. The idea behind this is that as you attack your opponent's weakness, and he or she defends that weakness, your opponent will create another weakness elsewhere on the board. As the game progresses you need to be able to identify the weaknesses that your opponent presents while not creating too many of your own weaknesses.

A common weakness that you will see is an over extended attack by your opponent. If your opponent focuses too much attention on one area of your defense and you are able to sustain your defense, your opponent will have left many weaknesses that you can exploit. The more you play chess and the more that you are looking for weaknesses the more you will recognize them. All games have weaknesses on both sides; we just do not always notice the weaknesses due to inexperience or being unaware of what to look for.  Spend time examining game play and try to find weaknesses that you can use to your advantage.

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