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King of the World

King of the World

Jul 10, 2010, 7:30 AM 0

King of the World

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  • The King that is hunted throughout the game by your opponent may appear weak, but can have some offensive value during the endgame. During the middle game the King should be in hiding because your opponent still has many of their offensive pieces that can easily checkmate you. As the game progresses towards the end game you may have no choice but to bring your King into the battle as an offensive piece.


  • During the middle game you have probably castled already and your King is safely tucked away behind pawns with a rook to his side. Moving the pawns from in front of the king during the middle game is a mistake. It is a mistake because it creates open or semi open files for your opponent to attack the king. Towards the end game though, the pawns will likely have to be moved. The primary reason for this is that if you bring your rook, that was guarding the King, into battle your King is in a dangerous position.


  • Picture the positioning in your head, three pawns in front of the King, the king in the corner and no pieces to the king's side. All your opponent has to do is slide a rook or queen down to the back row and you are in checkmate, unless you can block this. This creates a situation where, for defensive purposes, you need to begin moving the pawns forward to offer a lane of escape for the King.


  • In the endgame, the king becomes a strong piece. With reduced material, mate is not an immediate concern anymore, and the King should be moved towards the center of the board. The King can block your opponent's King quite well and even capture pawns when played correctly.

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