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(Chess) Long Term Thinking

(Chess) Long Term Thinking

Jul 11, 2010, 9:53 AM 2

(Chess) Long Term Thinking

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Playing chess is a thinking persons game and the longer we have to think about something and analyze it, the better results we usually have. Some people thoroughly enjoy speed chess (also known as blitz chess) in which each person usually has five minutes each to complete the game, for a total of ten minutes. Other players loathe this type of rapid game and like to take their time to think more deeply about their possible moves and options. The more rapidly a game progresses the more likely you and your opponent are to make mistakes.

If you are one who prefers the games that do not have a short time limit then correspondence chess may be for you. Traditionally the idea of correspondence chess was to mail your move back and forth with an opponent. You send them your first move, by way of chess notation; they send you their response move, and so forth. With the advent of technology and the Internet, this can easily be done through email.

The appeal of this correspondence chess is that you could literally have hours, days, or even weeks to consider your next move. By spending a great deal of time deciding upon your next move you can dramatically improve your chess game. Your opponent will also have that length of time to consider their move and this often results in a very well played game by both participants. Correspondence chess allows you and your opponent to develop better strategies and the tactics to carry out those strategies.

Consider this as a method to improve your game. If this is something that is not at all appealing to you then there are a number of people who will happily play speed chess with you.

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