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Master an Opening!

Master an Opening!

May 13, 2010, 9:16 PM 0

Master an Opening!

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To become a better chess player you need to be able to have one good opening when playing white and one good opening when playing black. There are many different openings that you can use, choose one that is the most comfortable for you to use. Once you have selected your preferred opening begin to practice and then practice some more. The opening that you decide to use for white and the one you decide to use for black do not have to be the same opening sequence, however they can be if you so choose.

Become a master at the opening, or openings, that you have selected. One good way to master these is to play against a computer chess program that will exploit all of the flaws in the opening that you have selected. No matter what opening sequence you choose there will be some weaknesses and flaws that go along with it. If you do utilize a computer program to assist you in this you can gradually increase the difficulty levels within the program. By doing this you will gradually learn most all of the outcomes of your opening sequence and the common problems that can arise with these opening sequences.

In addition to this, find people who are close to your skill level and use these openings when playing against them and play against these opponent's frequently. Once you feel you have the opening sequences down pretty good then add a timer. Force yourself to run through these openings with similar skill level players at a rapid pace so that it can become second nature for you. If you follow these suggestion then you will certainly become a force to be reckoned with in your opening sequences and you will have an advantage over your opponent's.

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