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Searching for Chess Game Insight!

Searching for Chess Game Insight!

Nov 19, 2009, 3:31 AM 0

Searching for Chess Game Insight!

The other day helped me to embrace the true awesome power of Chess played at a higher level. I spent some time reviewing Grand Masters Chess matches. I then realized just how powerful their minds have become during the evolution of their Chess capabilities! (The More You Know The More You Grow)

When you strive to improve your Chess game what are the 2 most important areas that you focused on?  When someone states practice, play lots of games that's such a broad brush stroke!  Example: People can play 100 Chess matches and lose 65 to 70 of those games.  So to say just play lots of games may not be the answer! When you break your Chess game into segments where do you 1st look to improve? 




At what point do you decide "WOW", I need to improve in this area or that area?



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