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Take a Risk

Take a Risk

Jul 8, 2010, 2:24 PM 1

Take a Risk

Location: 101ChessTips.com

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  • Playing chess is meant to be fun for the players. It can be quite fun to watch how your game and your rating improves over time and to know that you are a much better chess player today than you were a year ago. To improve your game, it is important to play against players who are better than you at chess.


  • Higher rated players will exploit the mistakes that you make in your game that a lower rated player may not recognize. Playing against higher rated players will allow you to learn from these mistakes so that you do not repeat them in the future.


  • Focusing only on your rating or your winning percentage is a mistake if you truly want to improve your chess game. I can go undefeated in chess or have a very high winning percentage if I only play against those who do not even know the rules of the game. What would I learn from doing this though? Play games against those rated higher than you and learn from those games.


  • It is often recommended that you sit down with that more experienced player and ask them to help you identify the flaws in your game that allowed him or her to win. This is a great learning tool for less experienced chess players. The higher rated player will be able to tell you at what point you lost the tempo and gave away critical positions. This more experienced player will also be able to give you suggestions as to what you can do differently the next time you face the same scenario in a game. Try to find a more experienced player who is willing to sit down with you and review the game and your chess playing skills will grow immensely.

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