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The Lebron James Effect!

The Lebron James Effect!

Jul 10, 2010, 12:47 PM 1

The Lebron James Effect!

Written By: "KingsEnemy"

It's truly sad that fans still boo L.J. today.  Remember the times when you decided to change jobs for what ever reason.  Did you get boo every day at work on your job?

The anger and almost hatred that people showed for Lebron's decision to leave Cleveland was unbelievable.  It would have been great if we would have landed "King James" here in Chicago but that wasn't the case.  The letter that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wrote is unforgivable for the intense level of anger and lack of professionalism.

During the course of Dan Gilbert's Cleveland Cavs ownership, it has been perfectly "OK" when he has released or traded players like UPPER-DECK basketball cards. WHY...you ask? $$Because, Dan was making strategic improvements for the betterment of the Cleveland Cavs organization$$.

But the moment that Lebron made a professional decision for his future he's called a coward and not loyal to the Cavs by Dan Gilbert.  It's sound like Gilbert needs to pick up his marbles, basketball, baseball bat and return to his magic sandbox. 

Lebron your true fans wish you, your family and Heat much success.  A true fan of sports can cheer great professional athletics even if their team doesn't land the chosen one!  After all this is a sport, game, business and not a life or death situation.

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