Why Developing Chess Pieces Quickly Is Important!

Why Developing Chess Pieces Quickly Is Important!

Dec 1, 2009, 4:33 PM |

Why Developing Chess Pieces Quickly Is Important!

Written by: Victor Epand

Internet Research By: "KingsEnemy"

When playing the game of Chess, nothing is as important as developing your pieces, and as quickly as you can is the rule of thumb for many chess players. From the chess opening you will attempt to develop all of your pieces to square that are effective quickly. The squares will work to control the center and help you to defend your position. If you should slow down for any reason, chances are your opponent will see the hesitation, so it is important that you keep up your speed and maintain your space.

When playing the game, the person who has quickly developed his pieces will usually be the one who controls the flow and ultimately will be the one who will win the game. By taking the time to ensure that your pieces are developed quickly, you will be able to avoid any opening traps that your opponent may be planning for you. The rule of thumb is to get your Knights and Bishops out there, and work on castling quickly to help you protect your King. Developing quickly also keeps your opponent from developing his pieces and keeps him from ever controlling the game.

If your color on the board is white, you will want to be a fast as possible in your piece development, especially since you have the advantage of being the first one to make a move. If you are the black piece player, you should be playing on the defense, unless your opponent falls short on his development, then you will want to develop quickly. Take your time to look for places where you can attack your opponent and be sure to set up a solid defense.

Take your time to develop your pieces to the right spaces; this is especially true if your opponent is playing openings or defenses you do not readily recognize. Make sure to get your pawns into the center as quickly as possible so that you can get your pieces out and to keep your opponent from being able to develop his pieces. Develop as much as possible in the center and then attack your opponent's center squares. Then take the time to develop against any possible defense you opponent may have.

Be sure that you take the time to develop your pieces on the side that you want to put your castle on, many players will do this on the kingside. Once you have moved your minor pieces out the way, then you will want to go ahead and castle, then try your best to get your rook on the open file. After you have ensured that your pieces are thoroughly developed, then you will want to go ahead and develop your Queen, making sure that you have done this at the right time, and that she is not to far from your other pieces, thus making her unable to protect the other pieces.

Be prepared to develop your bishop, queen and rooks to ensure that you will develop other targets. Try to move your pieces ever so often during the opening to ensure that you are not leaving behind underdeveloped pieces.

There are some opening traps you will want to learn in case your opponent does not develop his pieces. The trap calls for you to play a certain way so that you can catch your opponent and possible win the game.

To start, you should use the first move called 1.e4, which is used to control the center and gain the advantage. Then you should play the 1...e5, which is a good way of also controlling the center and a good response to the initial move.

Next you may want to try a move called the Vienna Open, where you will move to 2.Nc3 which not only helps you to control the center but it also will help you to develop that piece quickly. Next 2...Nf6, which creates a threat to the white players, pawn.

Then 3.Bc4, which develops yet another piece, and ready for the next play. 3...Nxe4, which may be a great controlling the center and is an ambitious move. Qh5 mate! Qf6 this is a defending move that will let White play with a check. Nxe4 means that white will win the piece and will become a threat to the queen letting white win the game easily.

As you can see that by simply developing your pieces, you give your opponent no chance to win the game, and allow you to control the flow of the game. By taking this job seriously you set yourself up for a quick win. This is the reason that developing your pieces quickly is very important to the game of Chess.