My Chess openings Cognitive map

Jun 28, 2010, 7:26 PM |
Not much to see here other than my preferred continuations in an attempt to play the Ruy Lopez as white. I would recommend everyone take a stab at creating a couple of these concept maps with your favorite opening systems. The provided board editor from makes this very easy.
I am very early on in my study and have had lots of problems knowing (and remembering) what to do when my opponent does NOT want to play the Spanish. This concept map serves to focus my thoughts and provide me a drill space for memorization.  I need to greatly flesh out the Sicilian lines since there are 2 or 3 major choices there depending on how my opponent plays.
I tried to have an answer for the Scandinavian, Petroff, French, and Caro-Kann since those are very popular lines which take me out of the Spanish. This is a very early work in progress and I hope to add more lines with more depth and more comments.  I also plan to create one with my preferred black system.