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Beware! This be Barbarian Country!

Beware! This be Barbarian Country!

Nov 12, 2010, 7:10 PM 3

I'm confused aobut something which maybe you all can help me with. I'm only learning chess right now and so far I've been told about weak pawns, squares, pawn structure (isolated pawns, doubled etc.) openings and tactics such as x-rays, skewers, forks and pins. I've been trying to follow these principles in my chess games but I dont seem to be succeeding. You see my head keeps getting scalped by what I call the Chess Barbarian.

The Chess Barbarian is a player who pretty much ignores what we know about chess and simply develops their pieces, casltes opposite side and then throws everything but the kitchen sink at you. It's terrifying and I need help!

Here is one of my games, if you all could comment as to where I went wrong I would really appreciate it!

How should I have played this game?

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