A Rewarding Experience

Jun 21, 2008, 5:37 PM |
Chess.com offers such a rewarding experience, and in so many ways! Whether it’s seeing your rating increase as a result of hard study and training, or meeting new friends, and learning about other cultures, and lifestyles. In my case, part of my reward is being able to take credit for bringing another member to Chess.com. I would like to say “Welcome!” to our new friend, and fellow chess.com member, “Popsicle4”. She is a beginning chess player, and needs help with developing her chess skills. She is interested in chess.com for it’s great community, and what a wonderful community it truly is. Part of that rewarding experience is being around such kind and friendly people, all with that same love for the game of chess.

We also have a great person behind chess.com, powering and nurturing it, turning it into all it can be. Thank you so very much Erik!

Chess.com has a bright future ahead of it, and we, as members can help to make it happen. Invite your friends, invite your family, everyone you know that likes chess to join this growing community of chess lovers. Why, even if they don’t like chess, you can make them like it! :) Well, in some cases that might not work, but most people will like chess once they get to know it a little better.

Start your rewarding experience, and make chess your passion. Chess.com is here to stay!