Bicycle built for two

Jun 26, 2009, 9:41 PM |

Today, I took my younger sister out for a ride on the bicycle built for two. We rode, and rode, all over town. It was a lot of fun! But she's still a little to small to do her fair share of the peddling, so I got quite a work out! :)

We met some other bikers out on the streets, and rang our bell at them. They smiled and waved as they passed by, but they looked a little jealous. The tone of our bell must have been sweeter on the ear then the flimsy ones they had loosely mounted on their handlebars. Or perhaps it was simply that we where riding the bike for two, and they didn't even have SuperGel seats to make up for it. :)

We were fully equipped, leaving nothing behind (for once!). The small town seemed even smaller once we set out at the steady clip that would have left even the most fit singular bikers wheezing and stopping for air after less than a mile.

How many miles we went, there's no way of knowing! :) I was just happy after it was all over to get back to my computer to work on the photographs I took on the trek. Here is one of them that was taken along the way.This is my sister. She doesn't look like she's been doing any riding at all, does it?My sister

Well, we're back, and all in one piece, too! Finally, home sweet home (! :D