Birthday Bash (literally)

Jun 20, 2008, 6:16 AM |

Hello, all!

My life is somewhat boring, but I'll share with you some of the things that happen to me. Today is my little sister's birthday; she is turning 13. At the crack of dawn, she's running around the house, making loud sounds, sucking on a party blower, screaming "EVERYBODY WAKE UP!" She's also accompanied by the other two young siblings in our house, two other sisters. You can imagine the noise level that this event must entail, and also please input into your mind, that this is all occurring at early hours of the morning; hours when any reasonable human being would want to get a little more sleep, before the long day begins. I would think by now, she would rather sleep-in on her birthday; for me, that's the best present. But she's still like a little kid, and in some ways, will always be.

The only good thing that come of this shenanigan,  is that I was awake enough after all the lively gift opening, to log on, and write this entry in my web log.

For my birthday, which is in less than a month, I am hoping to receive another tournament chess kit, the “Deluxe” one, from the House of Staunton. I will indeed want a digital clock with it, and 4” collector pieces. This will come out at about $154.00, which is very reasonable considering the use and enjoyment I have gotten out of my other tournament set. If you read my previous post, you may know that I am the chairman of a brand new chess club in our area, and I must say, it really is doing very well. We’ve only been a club for half a year, and we are starting our first tournament next meeting. Having one more tournament set for the club is something that would be much appreciated. At the moment, we only have five tournament sets, and that’s nothing, considering we have more than 60 members. Perhaps I should get one of those wholesale tournament set deals from the House of Staunton.