’s Glorious Features

Jun 21, 2008, 10:53 AM |
- Vote Chess

This is a truly unique feature. It allows a large group of people (or computers) to challenge and play against another group, or even one, more powerful opponent. Vote Chess is exactly like it sounds; voting in done to determine the best move. The player simply moves the piece he believes is the best choice, and clicks the big green “Vote” button.

- I don’t want to put anyone down here, but while browsing the vote chess games, I ran across a game verses the indomitable “Cheater_1”. How could anyone be so arrogant as to believe he can overcome all of using only a computer. This person is not a chess player. He is a poor, pitiful, attention seeking individual, not caring what he does to make people notice him. I don’t want to say anything offensive here, but he truly has said some things that have astonished me. He loves the attention, and I shouldn’t even be writing about it here, because I’m only adding to it. Oh, and by the way, he LOST! “Pride comes just before a fall.”

- I don’t really care about ratings anymore. That's because I’ve lost on time so much lately, that my rating has gone all the way down to 1415! I will begin to care about ratings again, when I have won more games, and I have my rating up where it should be. I have become partial to Live Chess, for there, you can play an entire game at a time, and not need worry about losing on time because you have forgotten. If you have read my previous posts, you know what my feelings on that are.

- I played a game with someone named “fog” in Live Chess, and we are now playing a game on the main site. He seems to be very nice, and I’m looking forward to our game.

- Believe it or not, now has 202,331 members! I remember when I joined back in November there was only 60.000 members, or somewhere around that. I really hope continues to grow, and really becomes the best chess community on the net.