Kid's Chess Interview

Jun 24, 2008, 12:33 PM |
I Thought it might be interesting to interview a kid about chess, and that's just what I did for today’s post. She is a seven year-old girl, and is beginning to enjoy chess. Let's take a look, and see what she has to say.
Knightly: Hello, how are you doing today?

Girl: Good.

Knightly: That's good! Now, do you like chess?

Girl: Yes.

Knightly: Do you like it a lot?

Girl: I don't know.

Knightly: What do you mean you don't know? Is chess your favorite game?

Girl: It's one of my favorite games.

Knightly: If you where to pick a favorite game, what would it be?

Girl: Ummmm, maybe, "Sorry".

Knightly: "Sorry"? You like that more than chess?!

Girl: Maybe sometimes.

Knightly: You've got a real problem. :) I know Sorry is a fun game and all, but liking it more than chess? Do you play chess very often?

Girl: Sometimes.

Knightly: How often exactly?

Girl: Ummmm, yesterday, I played with my brother.

Knightly: You know, most seven year-olds wouldn't say chess is one of their favorite games; What got you interested in chess?

Girl: My big brother.

Knightly: Who thought you the rules of chess?

Girl: Again, my brother.

Knightly: So, you don't think chess is boring do you?

Girl: Not really.

Knightly: Not really?

Girl: Nah, I don't think it's boring.

Knightly: Tell me why you might think chess is different than other games.

Girl: I didn't say it was different.

Knightly: I know, that but... Well, never mind. When you play chess, do you devise a plan right away?

Girl: Sometimes.

Knightly: But, sometimes you don't?

Girl: Yeah, sometimes I'm just moving to get a different piece, but.... That's not just so I can win.

Knightly: What do you mean, like promotion?

Girl: Yeah, that's what it's called.

Knightly: What's your favorite opening?

Girl: What does that mean?

Knightly: So, you still don't know what an opening is?

Girl: You mean the very beginning?

Knightly: Yeah, the very beginning.

Girl: I like moving the pawn two times. That's the only thing you should move, really. But, you can move a knight too.

Knightly: Yeah.

Girl: And I usually just move the pawn first so I can castle.

Knightly: How does moving the pawns help you castle?

Girl: Cuz, you can then move other pieces that you need out so you can castle, like the bishop.

Knightly: Right. Do you always castle right away?

Girl: No, sometimes I just don't wanna castle, and I just wanna do stuff different. But, sometimes, I just do it right away.

Knightly: Do you like trading queens?

Girl: Yeah, sometimes.

Knightly: Do you always use your queen to the best of your advantage?

Girl: Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don't.

Knightly: Yeah, I think it's that way for all of us. Do you think you know all the rules of chess?

Girl: No, I don't think that, but I still know how to play chess.

Knightly: Do you know what "en passant" is?

Girl: No.

Knightly: It's a special rule in chess. When do you think you will learn it?

Girl: Sometime I'll learn it.

Knightly: Do you like to play chess with a clock?

Girl: Sometimes, but... Yeah, I do. But it's not fair that when it runes out you lose! But, I guess that's how it's supposed to go.

Knightly: Do you play with the clock a lot of the time?

Girl: Uhhh, not really. I don't.

Knightly: Do you ever play chess on the computer?

Girl: Not really, no. But I sometimes play on the DS.

Knightly: Which game do you have for the DS that you can play chess on?

Girl: It's called ChessMaster the Art of Leaning.

Knightly: Do you know what your chess rating is?

Girl: No, I don't.

Knightly: Do you wish you had one?

Girl: I don't know, maybe. Sometimes I do.

Knightly: Did you know, a rating represents how well you play chess?

Girl: That's what I thought, yes.

Knightly: What's your favorite chess color?

Girl: Black!

Knightly: Why's that?

Girl: Cuz, I just like the color, and.... I just...Like it! Sometimes I like being white, but I like being black most of the time.

Knightly: Have you every played against anyone who has a rating?

Girl: Yeah.

Knightly: Who?

Girl: My big brother.

Knightly: Are you going to continue on practicing so you will get better at chess?

Girl: Sometimes I do, and sometimes I will!

Knightly: Do you think you'll be a great player one day?

Girl: Maybe, I hope so!

Knightly: Well, thank you, and I hope you keep on playing chess, and one day, you'll be a super player!

Girl: Your welcome, and thank you!

 - I was a little difficult getting her to not be shy. She was getting into it at the end. We should have had more questions. :)