Losing On Time: Reasons for the Actions

Losing On Time: Reasons for the Actions

May 27, 2010, 3:33 PM |

Today, I want to talk about a major topic in the forums. There has been a lot of debate on Chess.com over the losing on time issue. Here's how it goes:

You're playing an opponent in live chess who seems to be quite responsive in returning moves. It's halfway though the game, and all of a sudden, you see a great move that they obviously did not see. You jump and take the queen! You sit an wait, and wonder what is taking them so long to move. You figure that they are carefully analyzing the board to try and find a move that counters such an attack and gets them back on the ball with a level chance of winning the game, and this may be the case for all you know. But as time slips away, and their clock dwindles, you realize, they're not going to move. This is when you start to get angry, or at least a little annoyed. "I came here to play chess, not sit and stare at a computer screen!"

Time goes by. They have only 3 minuets remaining on the clock. Why don't they just resign? Why do they insist on wasting your time? There are several possible reasons for such action:

1. They are hoping that they will see a good move and be able to salvage the game.

2. They are burning up inside, mad at you, but also mad at themselves for not taking the game seriously.

3. They are hoping that you will get fed up and abandon the game, and they will be credited a win.

Let me tell you, these things will very rarely help you salvage a lost game. Perhaps it's good manners to resign if you have obviously lost. But even better, play until the end, and commit yourself to the game.

What are my thoughts on the subject? Well, it IS their time, and they technically can do what they want with it. When you start a game with 10 minuets on each opponent's clock, you need to accept that the game may last nearly 20 minuets.

There's nothing you can do if your opponent decides to "waste your time", so just be glad that you were able to play in such a way to provoke such behavior from your opponent. You must be getting better! :)