The Modern-Day Sport: Blogging

Jun 20, 2008, 8:04 AM |
Blogging has become a real sport. It’s all about competition. Everyone is competing for the most hits. Yes, indeed blogging is not what it used to be. Nowadays, there are so many blogs, that not all of them can have a high hit number. As blogging becomes more and more popular, more and more is needed to catch the eye of the reader. Experienced bloggers are good at creating posts with catchy titles, and interesting first few lines, so the reader feels compelled to click on it, and read the rest. Wherever you go on the internet today, you will find blogs. Blogs about every subject on the face of this earth. People are desperately struggling to entice readers to read their web logs. But, it’s not going to happen in all cases. I saw a T-shirt recently, which said “Nobody cares about your blog”. (I’m sure you member it). This is true in many cases, and some bloggers will find themselves searching there brains to come up with a subject, any subject. And then, they are happy just to get one small comment. Then, there are those that are naturally gifted to reel in the readers by the thousands.

In the beginning, (the days of pioneer blogging), it was known as a web log. Not until later did it get coined as a blog. Back then, blogging was a way for families to keep up with each other, and for people to have online diaries for the world to read. Now, blogs are not just blogs anymore. Some are, yes, but we commonly see blogs with many pages. More and more developments are being made. Basically, blogs are now, just mini websites. I look forward to seeing all the advancements yet to come, in the near future for web logs. The internet has become all it is today, in just a few years, literally! Who can say what kind of progress we will make in the next decade?