Time-out terror

Jun 19, 2008, 8:07 PM |

I don't care what anyone says, getting timed-out, is not fun. We don't play chess to time-out. We play to win, and if that flag drops, you've lost. Unfortunately, my time is not my own anymore; as I accumulate more and more responsibilities of my own, I realize, that there really is not enough time in the whole world for chess.

This passed week, I've discovered the delights of live chess. You can play a game in one sitting, and not need to worry about timing out, why? Well, when I play correspondence chess, I can look at my games and see I have a day remaining to make a move.  "That's enough time" I say, and more pressing matters take over the focus of my creativity. (I am the chairman of a new chess club, and I have been working hard to make it as enjoyable as possible for it's members.) Anyway, before I know it, I have an email in my inbox announcing that I have lost a game on time. This has been happening so often lately, that I have seriously considered putting aside correspondence chess for the summer, and resorting to live chess, where I can play without the worry of forgetting about it, and timing-out.

Live chess is quickly becoming my favorite way to play chess.