Why are you reading this?

Jun 20, 2008, 7:16 PM |
- Why would anyone want to read about some stranger’s life? I don’t know. Don’t have a clue! So, why are you reading this? No, really, why? Maybe it has something to do with you knowing that I love chess. Well anyway, this is a blog about a chess fan’s life, and how chess plays a part in causing me to see the world a little differently. I’m more creative, more picky, and especially more thoughtful than non chess players! Not to offend anyone (meaning you, mom)!

- We went to see Kung Fu Panda, and I must say, it leaves the world to be desired. It may be okay for a five year-old, but for us more "grown up" people it's a must-NOT see. Well, it really isn't that bad, but I did think they went a little overboard on the slow-mo effect. The humor is the usual "slapped together" bit where it seemed they just wanted to get the movie finished as soon as possible. There where a couple of parts in the movie that made me chuckle, and I didn’t fall asleep, so I give it 3 stars.

 - What’s this about a movie? I don’t know, just rambling on. This is a web log after all. I just wanted to share a little portion of my day with you.

- One of my readers challenged me to a game today; GeneralCustard is his name. From the looks of his games, he is a very good player. I’m a little wary about playing him, but I am always up to a good challenge! Currently, his rating is 1629, and he’s at #3181 in the chess.com ranking. He’s from Co. Durham, England, and he has resolved to lose no more games! I’m looking forward to this game, and hope he gives it his best fight, as will I. I am not afraid to lose; in chess you are always a winner, no matter the outcome, you profit from every experience, good or bad, because they help you to learn and continue on.