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Your Mental Work-Out

Jun 22, 2008, 1:38 PM 0
- I have three sisters, and I was rolling this around in my head: How do you go about causing a kid to like chess? Is there some sort of magic that you can use? Some special approach? Or, is chess just a boring, shallow game that kids cannot enjoy? If chess is boring, then it is also shallow. That's what makes chess wonderful; it's not shallow in any way. It is a very deep game, and we as humans will never find the bottom. If chess was a shallow game, then it would also be boring. You ask kids about chess nowadays, and you will commonly get the response, "It's boring." How can anyone call chess boring? I don't understand this. I often say, "The people who call chess boring are not smart, because chess helps to make you smart". Yes, I am just kidding when I say this, but there is a little truth in it. Chess is a game of the mind, and whoever denies themselves chess, are denying themselves a good mental exercise. I use Brain Age for the DS in helping to keep my mind fit. I’ve noticed this is helping my chess playing as well. Keeping the cerebral cortex in good shape is a wonderful way to improve your mental activity.

- Kids now, are into all the visuals, and flashy games, that require the minimal of mental input. They don't like to think. It becoming 'Work" to think. I'm often asked the question "Why do you even like chess? It's so boring." It's sad for me when I hear this. Really, who can think this. I'm glad to see with the opening of our chess club, so many young people coming in to play chess. It's wonderful to see that more and more young people are playing the game. I've heard it said many times, "chess is for old people." This is not the case anymore. Chess helps to develop mental skills, in young children, and similar skills are needed for using good judgment for everyday living. Chess can help the part of your mind that makes decisions, by improving your ability to asses the situation, and get the best possible result in any experience, good or bad. Remember the quote? "When you find a good move, look for a better one!"


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