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Valuable Lessons in Chess

Valuable Lessons in Chess

Nov 26, 2008, 7:32 PM 0

Well after having been away from the site for awhile (due to computer malfuction) im trying to reunite with the players that I had games with before that happened..hopefully to rematch some of those lost games.  Well... until that happens I have found myself reading more about the sites opportunities to train, learn techniques, and develope better strategy in the game of chess! I must say this site really has a lot to offer the serious chess player, as well as those who just enjoy a game or two. The tactics trainer and chess mentor have some very interesting ways of teaching and explaining chess to broaden ones game. Sometimes many of us come here to play and our game may not be where we are thinking it is or should be..until we play...the loss'es pile up. (Thank goodness for the rating systyem)..lol.. I mean don't get me wrong..I know it takes losing to learn...but it takes knowing why one is losing to help one learn! I have been using the tatics trainer and listening to the chess mentor to help me deal with the losses as well as the wins. To learn the how and why's of the mistakes I made in those games! And in just the short time I have been back online I have learned much in strategy that I thought I already knew. I see now how they both(tactics trainer and chess mentor) can help to improve my knowledge and play of the game of chess! If you haven't ventured into those arena's then believe me you should give them a try! I look forward to my next lessons with the tatics trainer and chess mentor, and hopefully with many of you as well. I am sure I have found a place to broaden my horizons in the realm of chess! Who knows maybe you will be my next victory, or my next lesson in losing..lol...naaaw don't think so..lol..holla! Cool



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