Don McLean: Got it Covered

Sep 12, 2012, 10:27 AM |

The third installment of illegal youtube videos featuring the songs of Don McLean will feature songs that McLean didn't write himself.  These will be a compilation of some of his performances of other people's works.  He may be the greatest song writer of all time but that doesn't mean he can't put his own twists on other people's good songs.


         Everyday- performed by Don McLean

This was originally a song by Buddy Holly.  American Pie is about the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly. 

              Mountains O' Mourne- performed by Don McLean

As I understand it McLean heard this song and really liked it.  He didn't realize that it was a popular Irish folk song when he recorded his version of it and it became very popular in Ireland.


                   Dreamlover- performed by Don McLean

Initially a song by Bobby Darin. 


                 Masters of War- performed by Don McLean

And for the grand finale, Don McLean performs a Bob Dylan song with a banjo.  Bob Dylan is not as good a song writer as Don McLean but he might be the second best. *That is a fact, not an opinion.  Anyways, here is what a Bob Dylan song sounds like when performed by someone who can actually sing.