Story Starter

Apr 5, 2008, 8:55 AM |

If you are wanting to post on this blog here's how to do it. I am going to write a beginning paragraph for a story. Then you can continue the story by posting paragraphs of your own. For others like this go to

The Story ( You can submit name ideas also)

 The wind wiped my hair as I ran, searching for cover, screaming for help. I dashed to the storm shelter hoping to find my sister. Once I reached the cellar I yanked on the handle. It was jammed shut. I pounded on the door screaming and yelling to see if any one was inside. No answer. I crumpled into a ball on the door. Suddenly it opened to reveal a face. It was familiar. Strangely familiar. Yet I seemed not to know it.

Now that the story is over you can still post ideas and comments about the story.

We need titles!