The Sequel

Jun 15, 2008, 11:13 AM |

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I stared out Alex's car window as we raced down the highway, speeding terribly. Alex swerved sharply to the left and the half a dozen boxes on the seat next to me slid across the seat and piled up against me. We had to find her. We just had to.

Alex swore. Attida scowled and said "What is it?" Alex turned to her. "I lost the car." "What!?!" I screamed in his ear. "Lost it? How did you lose it? Whey didn't you watch it more closely?!?" Alex looked ashamed. I crossed my arms across my chest and pouted. Suddenly there was some new worries. A siren sounded from right behind us. "Uh oh." Attida whispered. "Ummmmm." I said. "How are we gonna explain this to the cop? Well it's like this Mr. Officer. We had to save my sister from a lunitic who's kiddnapping her as we speak and he kiddnapped her because he thinks I killed his daghter because he was trying to kiddnap Attida to cacth the magical disease she has to get power. That'll sound great to him won't it?" I pouted again.
Alex just groaned.