Chess Links #1: Chess Terminology

Apr 14, 2009, 12:04 PM |

I would like to improve my chess, however, I have become lazy.  I could maybe read some chess books, I have even found a few free e-books online, but the problem with books are that you should maybe keep a chess set at hand, every time you have to set up the board and then play out the moves.  Typically the books give whole sequences of moves and only an image here and there.  What I am actually looking for is computer equivalents of books, where I can move through games or sections of games move by move, and read the comments on each move.  And I want to be able to do that offline.

While searching the internet, I'm finding other interesting chess links, I already had one which I thought would be the first one to share here, then when reading it I found there was some terminology I did not understand.  So I started searching for chess terminology.

The first one that Google spat out at me, is the the one I would like to give as the main link hereNote that there are many other pages on chess on wikipedia, you can just go to, type in "chess" and start from there.

Another glossary of chess terms that I found is at  Overall, Logical Chess looks a nice site, by the way, one of the books they list is Logical Chess - Move by Move, written by Irving Chernev.  I read that this books has now appeared in algebraic notation - I own a copy of the book which I got from a teacher about 33 years ago.

Test yourself!

I like this one!  Go to  I did it and got 3 out of 10, suppose I will have to go and read the list on Wikipedia!  Oh no!  It's not as good as I thought, second time round it seems it only has a fixed set of 10 questions.  We'll have to look for a better one.