OTB Shenanigans

Mar 15, 2014, 2:38 AM |

One thing I enjoy almost as much as playing and watching chess is watching chess players play. I like to observe their different characteristic behaviours and mannerisms at the board. It is fascinating to me, and I think it reveals a lot about their personalities.

I knew a guy who, when a position got too complex and he had to do deep calculations would shake his right leg vigorously, and hold his hand over the board. He would only stop shaking after he had made his move. He was a strong player and whenever he started to shake his leg I knew he was thinking DEEP.

There was this stocky (short and fat), bald headed man that I knew back in Nigeria, who would rub his bald head while he was deep in thought. Then when he thought he had made a clever move, he would fold his hands over his big tummy and chuckle in a funny way.

I don't know how I behave at the board, but a close friend once told me that I blink rapidly when I think I see a good move. That is weird. I have watched a lot of people at the board. Some people are easy to read like a book, very emotional, very expressive. While some others will never give you a clue to what it is that they are thinking.

What are the behaviours that you have noticed from players that you find funny? I would love to hear them.