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Entry 1: Starting My Journey

Entry 1: Starting My Journey

Feb 21, 2009, 11:05 AM 1

"They say the walk through hell always includes getting burned"

    These are my famous words and my one and only qoute, I myself am not sure wether or not they have been qouted before, but that saying is true. Thats the way I feel right now as a begin my journey into the chess world. Learning the moves, getting to know teqniques and skills...it all seems like I have a bit too much to do, but I'm hoping that I dont stray to much, as I am just a beginner. Smile

    Starting just yesterday I began to exlplore the Chess.Com site, and to say the least I was lost and overwhelmed, I didnt know what to do...there was live chess, and chat and freinds, articles and news...I just started a Game of chess with a Greeter and to tell the truth its still going. Although I'm new I hope to one day join the chess leagues and become the new number 1 chess player in the USA. Frankly, my dream is a little far-fetched but i have Hakaru to blame for that...and by the way Hakaru is from a Manga that is about the game of GO! which is basically like the japanese chess of thousands of years ago.

So anyway thanks for reading my blog and I appreciate that anyone would take the time to hear me rant on about my fantasies in life.


Korru Sentai

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