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Entry 1.5: Advantage?

Entry 1.5: Advantage?

Feb 21, 2009, 2:49 PM 0

     What advantage does a beginner get while he plays? The satisfaction that if he loses, he knows that he will get better...that seems to be whats running through my mind as I lose all the games I have recently played. Having just started yesterday I understand that much like karate and martial arts it takes more then just an overnight study to fully understand the complicated game of Chess.

      What I DO understand of chess is that to REALLY understand what moves and stratedgy to take during a timed game you need a clear mind and a pure thought of mathematics and chess move sets.

     Being a member now of chess.com I hope that people will suggest what I should do to improve as a novice. Anyway, the reason I'm trying to point out is that Novices DO get one advantage and that is the loser tantrums that some players protest are not there in the beginners mind.


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