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Entry 2: The Rook

Entry 2: The Rook

Feb 22, 2009, 5:43 PM 0

      Whats the song that you sing in your mind as you accomplish something you doubted you'd ever even complete. That very song that plays as you finish the winning game of chess.

      Well, today my three games are still going on and im trying a new tactic to fully checkmate in 7 moves. Basically, you move the rook over a little bit at a time as you move your pawns and knights out of the way, as everything is distracted you move the rook all the way up to the king...its that simple.

       Its late now where I live so i will cut this entry short, but at least i got to mention the tactic that i have found, or discovered...or founded. Cool


Korru Sentai

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