fork just here !!

Dec 22, 2014, 11:42 PM |

fork or  double Attack 

In chess , a fork is a tactie  whereby a single piece makes two or more directattacks  simultaneously. Most commonly two pieces are threatened, which is also sometimes called a double attack  The attacker usually aims to gain material  by capturing one of the opponent's pieces. The defender often finds it difficult to counter two or more threats in a single move. The attacking piece is called the forking piece; the pieces attacked are said to be forked. A piece that is defended can still be forked, if the forking piece has a lower value .

the most famose knight 

my brother call him the king of knight fork because one day we were playing a tounament nad I have done a family fork with himand he lose the whole tonament, and after that he could see any knight fork .

hey ! do u know family fork?

no? i ll tell u , a family fork happen when a knight fork's three   pieces