the best puzzles I cannot say best but great


hello today I want to show you some great puzzels first  or second anyone can do but last one could trouble


so here we begen 

the first one the  smothered mate  I hope you have heard 

smothered mate and the puzzel is 

i know u have done it but if u haven't well that cannnot happed if it is happed you must go to 
and our secound puzzle is what rush hour three ? well acutlly it not whole movie okay just watch 

the viedo was just to cool your mind 

okay ! no more cooling puzzel is 

wait are you still wacthig the viedo

okay man i know its funny but , do the puzzel Laughing

i hope you have heard of discovered check heres the puzzel  

the great puzzel is this are you wacthing that viedo again ????

the puzzel is the myestery  and actully its a mate in two

have you find the answer ?