Started at at 19.05.2009. Have played chessmore or less whole of my life. Belong at school in chessclub and play against chessboardcomputer. No one really liked to play chess with me when i was a kid. Only in chessclub and computer. My parents teach me how to play chess, but they wansnt so fashinate the game.

Havent ever been so great player. Elo max about 1400, and it has stayin that since when i was kid. I might be better, but im lacy player and it can be months to year in between inspiration, but when i get inspiration, i can play 24/7 about.

Planing to upgrade my account in some point. I like statistic so and there is lot of seeing in it.

Im retired (35 y), yep, early retired, for panicattacs and dizzyness and asperger syndrome so i have tme to play also i play some time via mobile.  My first games is on the move so will see how it start going.

See ya all on the "field" =)