Absolutely Zero Playoff Implications: A Week 10 Recap

Nov 5, 2010, 10:16 PM |

In a rematch of Week 3, the Los Angeles Vibe were ready to avenge the painful 3.5-0.5 loss to the Arizona Scorpions, and avenge they did. The never before seen line-up of Kretchetov-Abrahamyan-Casella-Yanayt made sure the Vibe ended their season on a high note, winning 3-1 against the Western Division Champion Arizona Scorpions. I think it was a lack of pressure that led to our success this week--the previous 3-4 weeks always had the tense feeling of "We gotta win this match to make playoffs" both before and during each skirmish. Because we were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention the previous week, the only thing left to play for was not finishing the season in last place, a much more fun and lighthearted goal. I think this led to the lineup playing relaxed and well, so here are the games:

Tatev graciously agreed to annotate her game:
4 up-and-down games as you can see, perhaps we shouldn't have won 3-1, but, oh well! Arizona is in the semi-finals now so I'm sure they're not too upset about the match. The Vibe finishes in 6th place with 4.5-5.5, definitely not bad for a first season! Next season, playoffs! (you heard it here first)