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I have been singing for a number of years. AQnd enjoy doing it during chess. Just whatever song is in my head. (I've been told that I have musical terrets.) I have found recently that when singing I have done worse in my games than in those where I was silence, even when they are with the same person or if I had been chatting in the last one. I have also noticed people who join in with me do worse at chess.

I'm not saying singing is the reason for how crap I am at chess but I just feel that is has something to do with lowering concentration even I I wasn't concentrating to start with.

Your thoughts are welcome, please give them.





I wonder myself as you probably are, how serious I am about this theory. The answer is probably not but I needed something to blog about and had already been thinking about this.


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    Well, I actually think I suffer from Attention Deficit. I'm really a singing genius, despite the modesty, I really am. But I don't play chess while singing. When I play chess, I just play chess, total silence, as it NEEDS to be.

    I can't see any relation between the two, but they say that the part of the brain that's responsible for chess, music and martial arts is similar, so, I think it tends to be better if you have the singing habbit.

    Again, don't do ANYTHING while you're trying to concentrate on your moves. Total silence, inside and outside.

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    really, im not joking

  • 4 years ago


    my sentiments exactly.

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