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Wine Cork Chess Set

Wine Cork Chess Set

Apr 26, 2014, 5:57 AM 1

I decided to do something with my wine cork collection. When I began collecting the corks, I didn't think I'd do much more with them than look at all the different wines they came from. Since I am in love with chess I decided to create chess pieces out of them. What I did with this first set was paint them white vs red, with figurines on one side and their notation-name (P,K,Q,N,R,B) on the other. I don't know if I will play with this set, keep it for storage, or sell it somewhere... maybe gift it. If anyone is interested in a set like this - and I will be making more of them with better results - please let me know. Any proceeds will go to my chess students - books, boards, tournaments. 

Let me know what you think. Some other ideas I've had include  adding bases and ornaments to the wine corks to make them look more traditional. But I did enjoy painting the figurines in a different style. The Rooks, for example, look like brick towers... the Bishops resemble jesters in the way they wear striped outfits... the Knights didn't change... the Kings and Queens wear different crowns... and the Pawns (my favorite) have simple belts with four studs. Thank you!

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