Apr 6, 2017, 1:46 PM |

What should black play Ke6 or ke5?



White to play, what is the correct move?



Black to play, find the best move



should white exchange queens?



Black to play and draw



5 endgame positions from Daniel King's video series about endgames. It's best to just setup the positions on an actual chess board and trying to solve them. I have not solved them myself. So can not post the answers. I am creating this post for my club players. Good day to whoever is reading.



Here are 5 more endgame puzzles.... (from same source)

6. should white play Rxd5 and offer a king and pawn ending?

7. black recapture with king or pawn?

8. what should white play? what would be the result? why?

9. what should white play? how should the game end?

10. should white exchange queens? if so then Qg4+ or Qc3?