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The worthless Pawn

The worthless Pawn

Jul 25, 2010, 2:04 PM 0

In a war, you also get a hierarchy, ranks, from the soldier to the president. The president would declare war on a foreign nation never seen before by anyone, and thus the young men and woman needs to be sent in to go kill and be killed. The soldier, wearing their dog tags, are pawns at the front lines, all for the protection of their president, the king. Whoever thinks about the council? The people who helps the president make dicisions, solve problems, who act as the queen of the nation, they surely have more value then the president to the nation...So the soldiers go into battle, ready to die for their country in a war they do not understand or ever grasp the full picture thereof. But that is what young people are for is it not?


... I remember once a pawn came to the end of the enemy's part of the board, and got back a queen...

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