Kevin vs a GM

Remember the story of David vs Goliath? David, the weakling with only a sling shot, takes on--and slays--the giant Goliath.

The following game was also a David vs Goliath moment. Only in this version of the story, Goliath pummels poor David mercilessly.

At the Greater Midwest Classic earlier this month I had the opportunity to play in my first simultaneous exhibition. Myself, along with 8 other amateurs, faced off against GM Sergey Kudrin, and his 2600 rating. 

Though I slipped up in my opening moves by not playing 7. ... Nbd7, I felt good that I held in there. On move 19 Toga II shows black down by about half a pawn. Sure, that is more than enough for GM Kudrin to convert the win. But, for me, I accomplished my goals, which were to learn a bit from the grandmaster--and to not drop a piece!


  • 3 years ago


    Exactly, Kudrin will punish your move, yet at my level I just stare at the position with a puzzled look on my face - lol!

  • 3 years ago


    @hreedwork, thanks! It was a blast.

    This game actually started out very similarly to the game that you and I played a few weeks back. And, I made the same mistake of not playing ... Nbd7 as soon as possible. As can be expected, the GM punished me for the mistake.

  • 3 years ago


    I see Kudrin at local "Open" events like CCA tournaments. He is a strong player. Congrats on hanging in there w/out a huge tactical blowout!

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