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Philly Open Day 2

Philly Open Day 2

May 6, 2014, 6:07 PM 6

I had a cheese steak of a second day at the 2014 Philadelphia Open. By that I mean I actually had a Philly cheese steak on the second day. And it cost me some 150 rating points in playing ability.

Am I the only one who's calculations get bogged down in the grease catcher when I eat the wrong things before playing? I mean, I've been beaten silly at the board by an opponent munching on a greasy pizza slice. It didn't hurt that guy's game.

If you don't know a Philly cheese steak from a hoagie, check out the link above and you'll understand why I lost both of my games that day.

Round 2

Lessons Learned
  • Don't be so quick to capture a pawn--even a center pawn. If two pawns are hanging, one should have a bit of time before needing to make the capture. Rapid development and king safety so often trump small material edges. 
  • Maybe because of my cheese steak induced coma, I only gave my opponent's threats superficial analysis. I didn't rush my moves. But, I was too infatuated with my own possibilities. I should have spent more time asking Why? and ensuring I had sufficient counters to all the reasons he made his moves.
Round 3

Lessons Learned
  • Don't play on auto-pilot, even on move seven to a kid wearing sports glasses. When playing an unfamiliar opening those early moves are so important as you try to define positive imbalances and position your pieces to enhance those imbalances.

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