Torn from oblivion: *October Tournaments* in Novi Sad, part 2.
Between 1972 and 1985, in Novi Sad, Serbia, 10 traditional tournaments of top class took place.

Torn from oblivion: *October Tournaments* in Novi Sad, part 2.

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  The second part of *October tournaments* in Novi Sad, Serbia retrospective is dedicated to the tournaments that been the 4th, the 5th and the 6th in a row. Three tournaments that yet again brought City Of Novi Sad into the focus of attention of the chess audience. There was no World   Champions like before it was the case, but Smejkal was here, Hort as well to complete *Prague symphony* of the Autumn in Novi Sad, present been Romanisin, then *Dr. Mario Marinelli* of Serbian chess, Milan Matulovic. During the 6th tournament in a row, like it was written somewhere that it couldn`t pass without *Creme de la creme*, destiny or what, *October tournament* in Novi Sad been influenced by the event on the very top of the World stage. By Karpov - Korchnoi match for a World title in a far away Baguio, Phillippines. But let`s continue in *Part 2* from the 4th tournament in a raw, held in 1975...

Grandmaster Oleg Romanishin

  The 4th *October tournament* in Novi Sad was won in a relatively comfortable manner by Oleg Romanisin, professor from the City Of Lviv, in *Ukrainian Soviet Republic* at a time. Tournament took place between the 5th and the 22nd October of 1975, and in what playful mood Romanisin was, the best is illustrating next game.

  Held in *Ceremonial hall of Novi Sad train station*, for the first time hall built completely, finishing works had been accelerated because of tournament, from September the 29th to October the 17th of 1976, the 5th in a raw *October tournament* in Novi Sad hinted at the change of generations in the World of chess. Participants of *Candidate Tournaments* for the World Champion during 1950`s and 1960`s - domestic player Svetozar Gligoric and Fridrik Olafsson from Iceland this time, in Novi Sad were placed in the middle of the ranking board. While future participants of tournaments that were gathering last 8 candidates to decide among themselves who would challenge World Champion for a title,- Vlastimil Hort and Gyula Sax that year in Novi Sad, in the year of 1976  fought for the very top of the table. Remained in a memory of Novi Sad audience, in a time when player to smoke during the chess game been allowed, and when this opportunity many participants used in a passionate manner, Grand master from Budapest, Hungary, Gyula Sax. Instead of cigarette box, during the game he always had green apple beside him. He even avoided to order some juice, coffee or tea organizers used to provide twice from the nearby *Novi Sad train station restaurant* on each and every tournament day while game was lasting. 

Signs of all of participants of *Novi Sad October Tournament 1976*

Although arrived in Novi Sad only as the second hope Czechoslovakia chess public to rely on, Jan Smejkal jumped from the shadow and won the tournament.


Grandmaster Jan Smejkal

  Vlastimil Hort had to be satisfied with the third place, and among two players from Czechoslovakia domestic player Dragoljub Velimirovic established himself at the second place of the final tournament ranking. One of the best tacticians of his times, about Velimirovic usual comment been that *He is sacrificing piece three times in two *Naidorf Sicilians**. And yet again, sacrifices fulgurated from all of the angles, same as a few months before when *Drasko* had won the state championship. Guillermo Garcia, who Cuban press presented as *New Capablanca* in Novi Sad didn`t disappoint. Tragic car accident in 1990 would stop young Cuban to reach heights. Another young player to arrive in Novi Sad in 1976,  followed by high expectations by the press in his country, Gudmundur Sigurjonsson started tournament with pretty much of success. Telephones from the far away Island started to ring, but as tournament progressed, round after round, competition turned out to be a bit too strong. 

  In *Hotel Park*, the best hotel in the City Of Novi Sad at a time, old friends from all of meridians gathered. Nogueiras explained in a live manner about some difficulties changing planes during the trip, but the biggest attention attracted corpulent Geller, who in his youth also wrestled a bit. In 1950`s, in 1960`s Geller was arriving very high in the matches of candidates for a World throne. But, same as climber on a Mount Everest - to quit hundred meters from the top, Geller with sadness realized that throne would remain somewhere near forever. So he started coaching World Champions, first Spassky, then Karpov. 

*Hotel Park* in the City Of Novi Sad, in 1970`s.

  Efim Geller won tournament in Novi Sad in 1978, it was something that audience had expected from the strongest player by rating, but it wasn`t without challenge. Domestic Grandmaster, nervous, skinny, in creative trans during the game, with eternal cigarette between fingers  Dragutin Sahovic, whose appearance even was in total contrast to the peace and routine of Geller. He even defeated winner of the tournament in direct clash, but finished only the second in the end. 


Grandmaster Efim Geller ( 1925 - 1998 ).

  Episode with Geller during the tournament.

  While tournament in Novi Sad took place, in Baguio, Philippines, Korchnoi equalized from 5 - 2 in favor of Karpov  to 5 - 5 in the match against World Champion for the title. What happened next, in the decisive game of the match that lasted one player to accomplish 6 victories, to this very day remained as one of the biggest mysteries in the history of chess. Karpov won decisive game, dissident Korchnoi in years to come blamed communistic authorities in Soviet Union they didn`t want to give passport to his family during the match of his for a World title, it was something chess players call *The 65th square*. Karpov himself never wanted to talk about events that preceded famous decisive game in Baguio. Refused to talk about it many years later in Novi Sad, when was asked by domestic chess fans about. In 1978, during tournament, phone been ringing in *Novi Sad chess club*. Voice from the other side of the line was asking for Geller, who was visiting club at a time. After private talk, Geller returned among hosts, members of the club. Returned with the comment that from him was just asked to help, as one of the coaches of World Champion. To help Karpov with analyze of some line of *Pirc Defense*. Here is testimony of one of the witnesses of the event that been published...

*Novi Sad Chess Club* in 1978. Author of the blog is standing the 3rd from the right. Young members of the club been deployed during each and every tournament round by the organizers of *Novi Sad October Tournaments* - to present games to the audience over demonstration board.

  *...Headquarter of Karpov asked from Geller, one of the best experts of actual variation in *Pirc defense* advice about the game to come. In match of ideological clash, of long lasted battles, one after another,- to give advice of vital importance for an exhausted Karpov. After finished talk over the phone, Geller returned in the hall of *Novi Sad chess club.*, Geller confirmed that he gave to the quarter of Karpov what they wanted to know. Shrugging his shoulders, he added, *They will manage without me, guess*,,,*

  The next day, he returned to the competition in Novi Sad itself.

    In creation of blog been used segments from the book of Dusan Bucan *October of Novi Sad*.