Simple Plans: Lesson 1

NM LatvianGambitForever
Nov 24, 2015, 2:00 PM |

One of the simplest plans in chess is to improve your pieces.

  • Knights belong on outposts (central squares that cannot be attacked by the opponent's pawns).
  • Rooks belong on open files.
  • Bishops belong on long, open diagonals. 
  • All pieces like to target weak pawns (pawns that cannot be defended by another pawn).

Puzzle #1

Improve your knight. 

Hint: Look for the outpost.

Puzzle #2

Improve your bishop.

Hint: Look for the open diagonal. 

Puzzle #3

Improve your rooks and aim at a weak pawn.

Hint: Double your rooks on the same file as the weak pawn. 

Puzzle #4

Attack the weak pawn again.

Hint: Use the pin.

Puzzle #5

Improve the queen.

Hint: Aim all of your pieces at the same target/weak pawn.