My best 1 minute game yet

Mar 19, 2011, 4:13 PM |

There's a somewhat funny story here... 

First, I play this spectacular game -- premoving based on the assumption of Nxd4 is probably not a good idea. ;)

Then, I play this game with the same user -- my best 1 minute game thus far, at least as far as the rating of my opponent is concerned.

After the game, the user stated: "fritz i assume. a 1400 does NOT play a game like that".  

Pretty cool, I guess, for a USCF 1800 player (according to his profile) to accuse me of being an engine user based on a single victory. It must mean I don't totally suck (though my 5 minute losses to players ranked 1250 would contradict his statement :P). 

Given that this user maturely blocked me from his page, I'll write an open letter here for all to read.


You accused me of cheating in our 1 minute game due to my rating.  A few things to note: 

1. I generally only play unrated games, so my rating may not (or may -- who knows!) accurately reflect my ability. 

2. Using an engine is possible in a 5 minute game -- impossible in a 1 minute game. At least for someone like me, who can barely move quickly enough as it is.

3. If I was using an engine, I wouldn't have lost in 3 moves in our prior game due to an idiotic premove. ;) (Getting my own openings mixed up.)

4. I'm sure if you analyzed the game with a good engine you'd find lots of errors on my part -- e.g., on move 41 I'd probably prefer to have played b5+, not a4, but I had already premoved a4. Although given that I haven't looked at the game with an engine, I have no idea whether b5+ is a good move, but it looks decent to me.

Nevertheless, thanks for the compliment. I'm sure when a player as strong as you says I must be an engine user to beat you, it means I have at least a moderate degree of skill -- or luck, if you'd prefer.


Oh live chess...